Diesel Mileage Improvement

Published: 18th August 2008
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As the cost of fuel escalating, most of the diesel truck owners are in quest of various methods to improve their diesel mileage. In fact, there are a number of quality high performance products that help to improve diesel mileage as well as increase horsepower. The proper tire pressure, synthetic diesel oil, air cleaner, clean fuel system as well as using an aftermarket engine computer programmer and chips are some of the effective ways to improve your diesel mileage. Some of these programmer and chips increase the fuel economy by 10%.

Clean Fuel System:

For maximum performance and fuel economy the diesel engine requires the best possible fuel delivery. Sometimes the diesel fuel leaves sediments, which block the fuel injectors, emission systems and the fuel filters. Besides, combustion deposits are also developed on the pistons, valves as well as on the ports. As a result, your diesel engine experiences less efficient combustion and wasted energy. Thereby, you need to clean your fuel injection system as well as your combustion chambers on a regular basis. This is quite cost effective and simple procedure and helps in improving your diesel mileage.

Synthetic Motor Oil:

Friction between all of the spinning and sliding metal parts at high speeds causes your diesel engine to waste energy. Most of the conventional diesel oils stop working and gets thicker rapidly. This increases the friction and damage in your engine. It is, therefore very beneficial to use the automotive synthetic lubrication as they produce more power, last longer than any other motor oil and help you to get more mileage.

Air filter:

Your car engine waste a lot of energy to get air, therefore a quality air filter is a necessity to stop the dirt from getting into your engine. A congested air filter may reduce the diesel mileage and horse power by up to 10%. However, these quality air filters have high filtering efficiency and also help to increase the diesel mileage.

Tire Pressure:

It is one of the most neglected items. However, if you take proper care, it is one of the most convenient and cheapest ways to improve your diesel mileage. A proper tire pressure is also very essential for the safety and maintenance of your vehicle. If you tires are properly inflated, it reduces the rolling resistance and thus improves the diesel mileage. Under inflated tires consume a lot of energy and can also get overheated quickly. This may even cause a blowout.

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